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Accident Insurance in Spain

What does an accident policy cover?

The Insurance Centre’s Accident Insurance in Spain policy provides peace of mind that you will receive financial assistance if you have a serious accident or injury, or your family will receive compensation if you suffer a fatal accident.

What are the advantages of having an accident policy in place?

  • Knowing that you will receive a payment if you are unable to work due to an accident
  • Medical expenses covered ( in spain) should you have an accident
  • Daily payment while you are still in hospital
  • Should you be killed in an accident there is an immediate payout to cover emergency expenses
  • Flexibility on the different types of cover that are available which can be taylored to your needs.

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Types of Cover

There are three different types of policy which are available:

Accident policy - 24 hour cover

This policy will cover you should you have an accident in your personal life or your professional life you will be full y covered.

Accident policy - Professional

This policy offers cover to professionals at work and this will cover you from the time you set off to go to work and all through your working day. If you are self employed this is an excellent way of "topping up" your personal income should you not be able to work.

Accident policy - Personal

This policy covers you should an accident arise while you are not at work.

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