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Our car insurance includes international breakdown assistance, windscreen cover and legal defence

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Third Party and Fully Comp Expat Car Insurance

Having car insurance in Spain is a legal requirement and The Insurance Centre offers a wide range of car insurance policies from Third Party Liability basic cover to Fully Comprehensive Cover.

Included in all car insurance policies are Full International Green Cards, International breakdown Assistance for all of Western Europer, Windscreen cover and protected No Claims.

Fully inclusive courtesy car whilst your car receives repairs

Courtesy cars are included as standard in all policies in the case of accidents, fire, theft or mechanical breakdown helping to minimise the inconvenience of you whilst you wait for your car to be repaired. 

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Fully Comprehensive Car Insurance Cover

This car insurance policy covers total or partial damage to the insured vehicle as a result of an accident that is not the drivers fault, whether stationary or in motion.

Policy includes cover for:

  • Collision with other vehicles / objects whether moving or stationary
  • Sinking or collapse of land, bridges and roads
  • Malicious damage by third parties
  • Damage or flaws to the vehicles upholstery as a result of assisting accident victims
  • Broken windows
  • Hail damage
  • Personal items and luggage due to an accident

Total loss Car Insurance Cover

If the car is declared a total loss then the following indemnities will apply less the scrap value:-

  • 100% of the value as new, if the vehicle is less than four years old
  • If the vehicle is more than four years old, the indemnity will be made for its actual cash value plus 30%

Other considerations to bear in mind are:-

  • All factory fitted extras will be automatically cover and also other extras which are not standard but have been declared in the policy
  • The excess is not applicable if the vehicle is a total loss
  • Age of vehicle is taken from date of first registration even if this is outside of Spain


Fire, Lightning and explosion are covered under the policy whether the vehicle is parked or in transit. Material flaws and manufacturing defects will have restricted cover to repair the damage caused by the accident and will not include the faulty parts.

Misconduct or malicious damage perpetrated by third parties is covered. Fire damage will also be indemnified when the fire is accidental in origin. Fire caused by wilful misconduct is not covered. All expenses incurred due to extinguishing the fire will be covered.

Replacement vehicle due to fire

If the insured vehicle is rendered immobile due to fire and or to repair the vehicle due to fire damage will take longer than 24 hours then a rent a car will be made available (category C) this is available as of 72 hours after the occurrence up to a maximum of 45 consecutive days.


In the event of a theft the indemnity is based as follows:-

  • 100% of the value as new, if the vehicle is less than four years old

  • If the vehicle is more than four years old, the indemnity will be made for its actual cash value plus 30%

Other considerations to bear in mind are:-

  • All factory fitted extras will be automatically cover and also other extras which are not standard but have been declared in the policy
  • The excess is not applicable if the vehicle is a total loss
  • Age of vehicle is taken from date of first registration even if this is outside of Spain
  • Theft of batteries and tyres will be indemnified at 50 % of their value as new
  • Theft of accessories such as radio, telephone, satellite navigation or sound and image playing devices if they are factory fitted they are full covered but if they are an extra they have to be itemised on the policy and if so done indemnity will be 100 % of their value provided that the stolen devices are actually replaced subject to verification by the Insurers loss adjuster. This type of claim is limited to a single indemnity per insurance year
  • Indemnity is guaranteed when damage has occurred due to theft and attempted theft
  • If the vehicle is recovered after 40 days following the claim the insured is obliged to accept its return. After this amount of time it will remain the possession of the insurer
  • The insured is obliged to hand over all the necessary documentation that maybe required for the transfer of ownership. If you wish to keep the vehicle the indemnity can be reimbursed to the insurers within 15 days

Windscreen cover

In the case of a broken windscreen the insurer will pay the cost for the replacement and installation of the glass and its accessories. This does not effect your no claims bonus.

Legal defence

The insurer will undertake the defence of the insured or any authorizeds driver of the insured vehicle in the event of a traffic accident as regards to legal proceedings brought against them.


  • Personal defence of the insured by lawyers or court attorneys including fees and expenses of the lawyers and notary's fees etc.
  • Criminal proceedings and bail bonds if required for the release of the insured on bail
  • Expense of loss adjusters if authorised by the insurers
  • A free choice of a court attorney and lawyer is available to defend the insured in any type of proceedings (conditions apply)

Legal assistance for administrative traffic and roadway safety violations

  • telephone consultation by telephone as regards to traffic matter in general fines
  • Appealing against traffic fines
  • Advice as regards to lost driving licences and points on your driving licence

Driver and passenger cover

Under this cover accidental death is covered due to the result of a traffic accident and according to the amounts declared on the insurance policy. A sum of 3.000 € will be paid in advance to take care of all funeral arrangement.

Under this cover accidental and permanent disability is covered due to the insured suffering total permanent disability. The insurer will indemnify 100 % of the sum insured less any payments it may have made as indemnities for partial permanent disability. The scale of payment is according to the insurers conditions.

Health Care expenses arising from accidents

For one year the insurers will cover all medical, pharmaceutical, hospitalisation and treatment expenses if the care is provided in Spain and only by clinics and hospitals which are recognised by the Insurance Compensation Consortium.

Also covered is:-

  • Urgent transport of the injured party to the nearest health centre immediately after the accident
  • Ambulance transportation if further required
  • Initial purchase of prostheses, glasses, hearing aid devices that might be necessary as a result of the accident or the repair and replacement of such items

Personal Accident cover for the driver

According to the policy conditions the insurer agrees to pay the fixed sum over 24 monthly annuities in the event of death or total permanent disability.

Temporary suspension of driving licence

The insurer will pay out a monthly subsidy according to the amounts agreed in the policy as regards to temporary suspension of your driving licence due to a traffic offence, exclusively by imprudence, fault or negligence. Payment will begin the month after suspension with a maximum period of time of 24 months.

Roadside assistance

To use the roadside assistance the emergency number must be contacted at all times. Tlf 900300063. This is a 24 hour multi-lingual service. No reimbursement or compensation whatsoever will be given if the number is not used.

  • The cover is applicable from KM 0, which is the insured's own place of residence
  • If it is possible to do an emergency repair on the vehicle at the side of the road within a period of one hour then the insurer will bear the costs as long as it does not exceed 100 €uros
  • Immobilisation resulting from breakdown, accidents, flat tyres, fuelling errors, keys left in the vehicle and broken windscreen preventing normal transit of the vehicle are all covered
  • The vehicle will be towed to the official garage for its make nearest to the spot where the breakdown has occurred or alternatively to the insured's choice of garage as long as it is within 100 Km
  • Towing service is available to 4x4 or cross country vehicles when off public roads as long as the access to vehicles is licit and possible
  • Rescue and salvage of the insured vehicle is covered. Limitation is applied
  • Hotel expenses are covered if the vehicle is unable to be repaired the same day and the insured has to wait for the vehicle. This is covered until the vehicle is repaired up to a maximum of 4 nights (61 € per person max.)
  • Repatriation to your home or destination is covered if the vehicle insured becomes immobilised for one day or overnight. You have the choice of either staying in a hotel as explained above or the insurers will pay for a airplane ticket, train ticket or bus ticket providing that the cost does not exceed that of the return trip home
  • If the vehicle is stolen the above options are available
  • Transportation of the insured to pick up the repaired vehicle
  • Expenses for transporting the vehicle to the residence of the insured
  • Dispatch of replacement parts for the insured vehicle if there are non available in the area where the accident or breakdown occurred. The insured upon returning from his journey will reimburse the insurer for any advances it may have made for the purchase of parts
  • If your keys should be stolen overseasthe insurer will obtain copies of keys and send them as quickly as possible to the insured wherever she maybe
  • Legal defence in case of a traffic accident abroad. Restrictions apply
  • Posting of criminal bail bonds abroad
  • Medical transportation or reparation injured or ill individuals and minors
  • Travel expenses for a family member in case of hospitalisation over five days
  • Medical, surgical pharmaceutical expenses abroad including the forwarding of medications and convalescence in a hotel
  • In the event of death of the insured reparation is covered
  • Interruption of the insured journey due to the death of a family member
  • Search for and forwarding of luggage and personal effects

Replacement vehicle

By including this option in your policy you would be entitled to a rental car (Class C) for a maximum period of 7 days when the insured vehicle has had an accident of the estimated time of repair on the vehicle is longer than 24 hours. This is NOT applicable if the vehicle is immobilised due to mechanical breakdown.

Liability included in the policy

Mandatory liability with limits according to the Law. The insurer undertakes to pay indemnities derived from the liability of the driver of the insured vehicle which causes damage to people or property. Voluntary liability. The insurer undertakes to pay indeminities derived from the liability of the driver of the insured vehicle which causes damage to people of property.

The amount paid is the limit agreed in the schedule in excess of the cover provided under the mandatory liability at the time of the claim. Included in the Voluntary liability is damaged caused to third parties as a result of fire from the insured vehicle.

Trailer and Caravan Liability

All trailers and caravans are insured for third party liability automatically under the car insurance policy as long as the total weight of either the caravan or the trailer does not exceed 750 Kg and they have the same registration number as the car.

Liability for loads / pedestrians / amateur cycling

This cover guarantees a limit payment if damage is caused to third parties by loads being carried in the insured vehicle. The policy holder and named drivers would be covered for liability derived from Amateur cycling and in their capacity as pedestrians if they are involved in a traffic accident.

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