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Car Insurance in Spain

Car Insurance

The Insurance Centre can offer you many different types of car insurance cover regardless of whether you just require the basic car insurance cover to make you legal on the road in Spain or full car insurance cover including a courtesy car so at no time you will be without your vehicle in Spain

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Home Insurance in Spain

Home Insurance

Know that your Spanish property and the contents of your house are covered 24 hours a day whether you live in Spain permanently or if you have just a holiday home in Spain

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Legal Insurance in Spain

Legal Insurance

The Insurance Centre Spain can offer you comprehensive legal defense insurance cover that gives you peace of mind and for a small yearly fee avoids costly lawyer fees if a legal dispute should arise.

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Business Insurance in Spain

Business Insurance

Running a business in Spain can be difficult enough, protecting your company in terms of insurance can provide you with peace of mind should the worst happen.

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Funeral Insurance in Spain

Funeral Insurance

Getting Funeral Insurance in Spain can ensure that expensive funeral bills are taken care of when you die rather than burdening your loved ones at a time of grief.

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Marine Insurance in Spain

Marine Insurance

There are many boats of all shapes and sizes and values kept throughout Spain due to the fact that the shore lines are covered by both the Atlantic and the Mediterranean. Spain is a great place to own a boat and it is important that they have a good marine insurance policy to cover it.

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Pet Insurance in Spain

Pet Insurance

If you own a dog, cat or other pets then pet insurance in Spain could provide you with peace of mind should the worst happen to your beloved pet. Pet insurance cover in Spain can include vet's fees, boarding kennel fees, accidental death cover and more.

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Health Insurance in Spain

Health Insurance

Private health insurance in Spain could provide you and your family with prompt, quality private medical treatment when you need it the most, ensuring your health problem in Spain is treated sooner, giving you the best chance of full recovery to health.

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Dental Insurance in Spain

Dental Insurance

The Insurance Centre Spain can offer you low cost dental insurance cover in Spain for you and your family so that the only thing the dentist might be extracting is your teeth and not your money!

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Golf Insurance in Spain

Golf Insurance

Golf is an increasingly popular sport in Spain and more and more people are taking it up; even the best golfer can lose or damage their clubs!! Be sure to cover yourself even against that most memorable hole in one.

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Life Insurance in Spain

Life Insurance

Getting life insurance in Spain can give yourself and your family the necessary financial help and support should the worst happen. Having a life insurance policy in Spain (also known as life assurance) can provide you or your partner with a lump sum payable on the first or second death.

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Travel Insurance in Spain

Travel Insurance

Looking for travel insurance in Spain? The Insurance Centre can provide single trip or annual Europe or Worldwide travel insurance to ensure you can go on your travels knowing you are covered should you have an accident, miss your plane or lose your passport or possessions.

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