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Am I insured to drive my friends car?

When you take out insurance in Spain you are insuring the vehicle not the person so if you want to drive a friends car you would have to get them to include you on their insurance.

Who can drive my car?

In Spain you insure the vehicle and on a copy of the policy schedule it will indicate the age limit which is usually anybody over the age of 25 years whom has held a driving licence for longer than 2 years.

If I have a broken windscreen, what should i do?

Contact Car glass or your insurance agent and they will make the necessary arrangements with you to have it repaired or replaced. Making a claim on your windscreen does not affect your no claims bonus.

Is a 'No Claims' discount bonus available in Spain?

Yes, a no claims bonus is available in Spain upon producing a certificate confirming the number of years you have been driving without an accident. It does not matter which country it comes from and the No claims bonus does keep your insurance premium down.

If I breakdown, what do i have to do?

When your insurance policy is issued there will be the Telephone numbers for the breakdown assistance service for both International and local cover. You ALWAYS have to contact this number for this service; it is a 24 hour service with operators speaking many different languages. You will then have to explain to them your situation and your location. Don´t forget to put out your warning triangles at a minimum distance of at least 50m which you are obliged to carry in the car and use your reflective jacket.

Why do I have to contact the breakdown assistance number?

You are not allow to tow a vehicle in Spain and so to have your car transported in the correct manner due to an accident or a mechanical problem you have to call the tow truck who will take the car to the nearest garage or required destination but always with prior instructions and authorization from the 24 hrs telephone operators.

What is covered in the breakdown assistance?

We always recommend that you read your policy conditions because the breakdown assistance does not only cover the vehicle but it also covers the driver and its occupants and many extras which most people don’t even realize that they are covered for.

What do i do in the event of an accident?

Always try to fill out an accident report form . On this form it has to be stated:

  • Day, time and place of accident
  • Witness details
  • Full name , address and telephone number of the other parties involved
  • Indicate clearly the Registration number of the other vehicles
  • Indicate the make and model of the other car
  • Indicate where damages have been sustained on all vehicles
  • Down the middle of the form where it reads “circumstances” there are small boxes and you have to tick the correct box corresponding to how the accident occurred. You can tick as many boxes as you want there is no restriction. Make sure the other parties tick their boxes as well!
  • Draw a small diagram of the accident and make sure it is drawn correctly it does play a large part is determining a claim. If it is incorrect it is more difficult to sort the claim out afterwards
  • At the bottom of the page if you have any other comments they can be added here
  • If all the information on the form is correct then sign, if you do not agree then DO NOT SIGN. The information on the form cannot be modified cone the copies have been submitted
  • If there is one that two vehicles involved turn the accident report form over and fill it in on the back
  • Once you have completed this form send it into your broker so they can process the claim for you

How do I get my replacement vehicle if I have had an accident?

When the repair work entails keeping the vehicle immobilized for more than 24 hours a substitute vehicle is supplied and a telephone number is given to for you to call to make arrangements for this vehicle. This service is available 24 hours - 365 days

What happens if someone drives into me and I am only third party?

Fill out the form as indicated above and reclamation will then be made against the other insurance company. Once they have accepted responsibility you can then have your vehicle repaired. If you want the damages on your car to be assessed so that you can repair the car and claim the monies back afterwards this can also be arranged but the damages always have to be looked at by a surveyor first and obviously the accident has to be the fault of the third party

If I want help with a traffic fine or road safety issue what do I do ?

There is a free legal helpline which offers the services of Legal consultation over the telephone, drafting documents for appeals etc. This service is only available traffic fines and offences in Spain

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