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How to make a claim

Advice on making an insurance claim in Spain

Making an insurance claim in Spain does not have to be complicated as long as all the necessary information has been handed over to your Insurance Agent so that they can sort it out for you. The valuation of the building is estimated on the foundations of the property but not including the value of the site it is then valued accord t the value of new construction at the moment prior to the accident.

Insurance Claims made easy in 7 easy steps!!

  • The claim has to be reported within 7 days to your Insurance Agent.
  • Information has to be given about the exact location of the claim, the date, the time and the presumed cause of the claim.
  • The Insured has to let their agent have the original Copy of the Police report if there is one along with a list of all the items that have either been stolen, destroyed or salvaged along with the corresponding values and an estimate of all damages occurred.
  • If any legal or administrative notice is involved this should be advised to the Insurers within 48 Hours.
  • Any related packaging, wreckage, boxes or cases should be kept until prior notice.
  • The 24 Hrs telephone number is always available if assistance is required.
  • A surveyor will be assigned to the case immediately and will visit the site where the claim has occurred to verify the cause and the damage.
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